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If you are already on my Alien Skin mailing list and have not reSubscribed - made necessary due to a change of email marketing service - please do so now as my existing service ceases operation September 30, 2018.

Unfortunately all related email communication from me after this date ceases also without reSubscription.
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If you wish to subscribe for the first time please just follow the same procedure and click the photo.

Discover the benefits of being on my Alien Skin mailing list. Ongoing CD, album & song give-outs are my gratitude to you for giving me valued support and motivation to continue issuing release quality music, knowing there is a substantial audience listening.

Independent music lives and survives on a different level to the well monied establishment music industry and we genuinely directly rely and depend on real fans of what we produce. A simple act such as engagement by joining the mailing list is similar to a vote of support, a vote of trust in what we do.

So, if you enjoy Alien Skin music, there's quite a substantial amount released since 2008, post my Real Life era, then please join us. You will begin by receiving free downloads of my last 2 albums. Just click the photo, it will take you to my signup page. Thank you so much!

BTW I have a new Alien Skin CD album being prepared and ready for release soon - something quite excitingly different!