Alien Skin


New 2015 Album Alien Skin with Deity

A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World is my most ambitious album yet and one I've been waiting to produce for so many years without really being cognizant of it.

I have added another human to the machines and the magical result is self evident. Inviting Deity to the album, herself an established artist, is an exciting expansion of the Alien Skin musical vocabulary. Her voice breathes vibrant colour & warmth into the new songs, songs which I feel are perhaps the most conceptually refined that I have done.

[click: read my interview with Julia Sassard discussing the album]

My obsession with lonely, sea battered lighthouses finds expression on 'Baltic Sea'. On the other hand 'Eloise Woods' was inspired by a natural burial park I discovered in Texas; of the earth yet undeniably ethereal and blissful in its sharing of our voices. Both songs take full advantage of our vocals in unison backed by a floating platform of synthesizers.

'The One with the Strangest of Eyes' is the desparate fantasy of fan-love. 'She's Ephemeral' is perhaps the closest hint of my 80s history. These are just some of the eleven songs that inhabit the album. Some are simple and direct as they need to be, some more layered and textured but to date this entire body of work is my happiest Alien Skin moment.
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[click: read my interview with Julia Sassard discussing the album]

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