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Creature with the Human Face  new album

Creature with the Human Face
is the new 2014 Alien Skin CD album and is on sale now, available from Bandcamp, iTunes & everywhere else including real street shops!

"Creature with the Human Face, the 5th Alien Skin CD release, is a consummate album where electronic warmth and coldness coexist harmoniously with human voices. Quirky synth motifs and a generous apportioning of sci-fi reverie supplement haunting, wistful grimness that is disguised at times as exuberant pop.

"Florid language may well describe it as atmospheric clouds of sound interlaced with elements of sci-fi fantasy and cinematic drama. It enjoys playfully subverting pop-cult iconography such as 'Dr Who' and 'I Am Legend' while simultaneously inhaling the musty velvet-bound bookish melancholia of Victorian era drawing rooms. But perhaps its beguiling & lasting appeal is best found in its charismatic melodies and songs that will confidently be remembered well after the switch is flicked at the end of its eleven tracks."  ~T.Simeon

Creature with the Human Face is on sale in CD and download format. Available everywhere online as well as over-the-counter from 'real shops'. Bandcamp is my preferred retailer as it supports independent artists by paying us the best return. You may listen to the entire album IN FULL on the Alien Skin Bandcamp Player. No time wasting with short, frustrating, tiny teaser length tracks you find at iTunes etc. Bandcamp allows you to preview every Alien Skin release in full. This is 'no-risk buying' at its best!

Videos from the album...

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