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Music variously likened by reviewers to The Legendary Pink Dots, Depeche Mode, Brian Ferry, David Bowie, John Foxx, David Sylvian - evocative, atmospheric, melodic & electronic ... you get the general idea.

photo Alien Skin is George Pappas, long-time keyboardist and co-songwriter with chart topping Australian band Real Life whose multi-million selling '80s smash Send Me An Angel remains a regular on radio playlists worldwide and has been covered by a countless number of artists of many genres, even Gregorian chanters!

Emigrating to Australia from Greece at the age of three, Pappas first found a love of contemporary music in his early teens especially a fascination with songs and songwriters. Beginning with a youthful excitement, generated by 60s pop and experimental British psychedelia, à la the Beatles in particular, he was further inspired by the vanguard of innovative new artists of the 70s prime amongst them being David Bowie.

A guitarist in various local rock bands of the day, George's future direction was reshaped by the climactic music convulsions of the later decade. Post punk and especially synthesizers were, as to many of his generation, an epiphany. His switch to all things electronic was complete by the early 80s, the decisive influence being the electronic method and songwriting of Gore/Wilder version Depeche Mode.

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Prior joining Australian pioneering synthesizer band Real Life in the 90s, he led a number of Melbourne synth-driven acts of the era. Real Life had already achieved major success in many world markets and after a hiatus re emerged with Pappas as replacement keyboardist and co-writer. A number of albums and world tours ensued before the band wound down in 2005.

Real Life photo                                         Real Life (left to right) George Pappas, David Sterry, Allan Johnson, Danny Simcic.

The concept of Alien Skin was born during the winter of 2007 with the recording of what was to become his debut album Don't Open Till Doomsday. Released by US label A Different Drum the following year, the album's success alongside its well received singles Razor Arms and the eponymous Alien Skin, validated the continuation of Alien Skin as a musical entity. Location: Melbourne, Australia  Current album: P.O.P. POP (ScentAir Records, Moscow, 2019)

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