Alien Skin


artwork image A Spoonful of Voices is a collection of songs originating from the Winter on Mars album recording sessions of 2015. All songs, aside from track 1, being an early arrangement, do not appear on the album. After remixing and re-mastering the original tracks, these 6 songs appear together for the first time; a half album I like to think of it as.  I could not have produced this recording without the ethereal and delightful voice of Deity who also appears on the Winter on Mars album. [March 2018]


'The Wishing Well' is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G people.  George has selected well when it came to this collaboration with Deity – she’s an absolutely incredible singer…when she heads into the chorus of 'The Wishing Well' I just about died and went to wherever it is we go next…it’s just mind-blowingly incredible. (SleepingBag Studios magazine CA) 

 "...You can count on Alien Skin almost unquestionably to provoke certain patterns of thinking that fall far from those of the average person on any average day, and to do so in the most unusually beautiful manner." (Stereo Stickman magazine UK)


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'No Life on Mars' is the final track on the EP

'The Volunteer' [track 2]

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Previous Single Release The Wicker Man [Feb 2018]

1980 You Were a Boy from the current album, 1980 REDUX 


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