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Saliha, Turkish delight fan #1 from Istanbul, forwarded me her review of 'Creature with the Human Face', my 5th Alien Skin CD album. Thank you so much Saliha for the time and effort put into thinking about and writing this wonderful review!

‘Creature with the Human Face’ takes you on a mind trip…

After learning ‘The Secret Garden’ (the previous Alien Skin CD album) by heart, I was wondering, what else could be made after such an excellent work? But of course, Alien Skin has amazed and fascinated me one more time, with another new excellent album, ‘Creature with the Human Face’. This outstanding album brings just one word to my mind to define it best 'sophisticated'. It’s definitely an exclusive, top level album; in other words, a masterpiece.

Photo of artworkAll the characteristic features I admire concerning Alien Skin music are gathered in this album as well; captivating fluent melodies, impressive lyrics that give meaning to melodies and the powerful Alien Skin sound. 

As you listen to the album in the quiet of your room, the unique Alien Skin music immediately surrounds you, and each song makes you run another movie in your mind, pushing the limits of your imagination; sometimes you are the actor/actress, sometimes the spectator. In each song you witness another state of mind.

You inevitably find yourself walking in the dark sky as a ‘Creature with the Human Face’, feeling alone and abandoned in cold space. You feel the isolation and loneliness… You start running movies in your mind. And suddenly your room becomes a spaceship and it takes you on a mind trip, in order to explore whether there’s ‘Life on Earth’. You feel the wonder... You want to find a home after floating in space for a million years. ‘And Through the Clouds’, you see the earth in marble blue; you feel it take your breath away, and wonder whether it might be the place you make home. You feel the hope... You can imagine her pureness like the rain from a summer sky and the sunlight on morning eyes, but ‘At Night She’s Dark’. You feel the contrast…


photo with microphone

You read the card from the ‘Temple Bar in Dublin’ and find yourself looking up to the North. You feel the longing… You hear colours tell you about how it feels to be red, to be green, to be blue, and that ‘Darkness Knows No Shame’. You feel the difference… You watch the rain from your window, rub your eyes and then breathe deeply, like ‘Amelia’ on a Sunday afternoon, oceans away from home. You feel the regret… You play daydreams in your mind with ‘In Liquid Glass I Float’. You feel the despair… You wonder what might be the answer to the question of the ‘Last Man in the World’.

You feel the doubt… You are in the quiet of an afternoon room and drawn into your thoughts by the ‘Melancholy Song’. And you love the pleasure it gives you. You feel the unbearable lightness of melancholy and solitude… You board the spaceship and become the traveler of ‘Doctor in Space’, who will save you from harm, as you’re just human in space. You feel the confidence and peace of mind…

Finally, your timeless and spaceless cosmic travel to the limits that your mind can take you, and further than your eyes can take you, ends, and you turn back to the quiet of your room again. So the ‘mind trip’ is over and you come back to life on earth. You have been to the universe with Alien Skin, but it was only your mind in fact. That’s the way it is; don’t we live what we live and feel what we feel within our minds in fact ?

Now I’m waiting for the next mind trip Alien Skin will take me, because I’m his traveler and he’s my doctor in space…

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