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Before Alien Skin, before I joined Real Life, I recorded an album entitled Beneath The Surface Tension under the artist name of MooG. Although it's lo-fi and rather crude in quality compared to my official releases as Alien Skin today, I still believe it's an important stepping stone to my later musical development. This is the sole reason I am making it available as a free download and ONLY to Alien Skin private guest list members (see below to join my VIP guest list).

'Beneath The Surface Tension' was only ever available on cassette, and the current download I'm offering is a direct transfer from the original cassette. It comprises 13 songs, some going back to 1990. You will quickly realise that it sounds nothing like what I do now in Alien Skin, and it's not something that I wish to return to. That musical chapter had a life and now it's over.

My initial idea in making it available again, was solely to add more value to my private guest list membership. A number of people, seeing my posts on Twitter and Facebook, have been asking for it immediately. This was not my intention, the album will be available with Issue 19 of my Alien Skin newsletter. It is simply a part of my free download series, and every member, in all fairness, waits the same period from Issue 1 to Issue 19, to receive it.

My only other option, if people are impatient, is to make it available commercially instead, via CdBaby, iTunes etc. At present I don't wish to do this. I prefer 'Beneath The Surface Tension' to be another gift to those people supporting my work.

I have written a FAQ Statement, below, with regards to the 'I want it now' issue.

There is no harsh tone in my words, so please don't read it as such. It's just a statement of information.
We're all friends:)

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Why can't I have 'Beneath The Surface Tension' given to me straight away?


I don't believe I should give away my work for absolutely nothing, just like I would not expect a trades-person to work in my home or fix my car, without pay. I do though, offer free gifts to people who support me, buy my music and/or are active in following me.

If you're an active Alien Skin private guest list member, every few weeks you will hear from me, and that's when I present free song downloads, personal podcasts etc, one by one. If I give it all away at once, I have nothing more to give & this defeats the aim of having a dedicated, long term, two way communication with fans, and a meaningful guest list.

I shall constantly be coming up with new ideas as what to present to members, the idea of 'Beneath The Surface Tension' only arose the other day. Consequently, people need to have patience otherwise I can't run an effective guest list, ie one that will not consume an overwhelming amount of my waking hours:)

My only alternative is, to make 'Beneath The Surface Tension' commercially available instead, if one wants it immediately. BUT I prefer not to sell it, and to simply give it away progressively (ie timewise, depending on when you joined my guest list) and for free. Most people I believe prefer this as well:)

The album is available with Issue 19 of the Alien Skin newsletter.

Thank you for your understanding,


2012-04-14 17:27:51 - Christine
The fact that you share any of your work for free is astounding and should be more than enough for anyone, period. All artists deserve to make a living at their art. They bring great joy and beauty to our world. So thank you for your beautiful contribution!
2012-03-31 17:26:55 - David Slater
Crikey George, I imagined a tidey sum, but that was a real lot back in the day. I've seen documentary's on the invention of the Moog synth, and that was a monster. But even now, between software and hardware cost, it's not just anyone's game. And the talent to extract the full potential of the tools is something else again. Appreciate you sharing so much with your fans George, it's a rare pleasure indeed. Thank you!
2012-03-31 16:48:52 - Alien Skin
David, way back then I was using a couple of samplers, an Emax (Emulator) & an ASR10 (Ensoniq) run by an Atari ST computer. I used library sounds with the samplers plus an assortment of Sound Library CDs which were quite expensive in the day. All that equipment, especially the Emax cost so much for the little that it was able to do. Just the Emax, with custom tiny 20mb hard drive, cost me over $AU8000, a big sum in the 80s. Today, I use a PC & a simple midi keyboard controller, all run by Steinberg Cubase & Reason; softsynths & softsamplers. Technology has obviously been revolutionalized. I actually discuss this in Issue 20 of my Alien Skin newsletter, as I answer a fan question.
2012-03-31 05:43:13 - David Slater
Just found time time have a listen to "Beneath The Surface Tension". I can hear the beginnings of Alien Skin in some of the lyrics! Could you put some perspective on the TECHNOLOGY you used during these recordings, versus what you use NOW? We've come a long way in 20 years. Heck, 30 years! I still have my Commodore 64! Rick Wakeman in performance always comes to mind. ;-)
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