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COLD is the new Alien Skin EP release, available exclusively from BANDCAMP. Below are the liner notes.

COLD artworkCOLD has become a fan favourite since the release of the album 'The Unquiet Grave' in 2010. This extended-play release features the official album recording, an additional 3 versions and the brand new track, 'Be My Angel'.

'Outtake One' was planned for inclusion on 'Don't Open Till Doomsday', the 2008 Alien Skin debut album, but was withdrawn at the eleventh hour as I wasn't satisfied with the final result; it was replaced by a new track, 'Dust to Ashes 1945'.

'Outtake Two' was a new evolution of the song produced after the release of 'Don't Open Till Doomsday', it remained the existing version till I further refined it in 2009. The new refinement, in a totally different guise, appeared as Track 6 on 'The Unquiet Grave'.

The 'Instrumental Demo' is the first full electronic production of COLD after having composed the song on guitar. This was the version in my headphones as I recorded the vocal in 2007; I reused the same recording on 'The Unquiet Grave' two years later.

'Be My Angel' is a new song written after I watched a harrowing documentary on TV about legal assisted suicide offered to people suffering from cruel, painful terminal illness.

The EP, is issued in response to people requesting further unreleased Alien Skin tracks be made available. I trust you enjoy the variants in the the song's development over time as well as the brand new song, 'Be My Angel'.


1. COLD (album version)
2. COLD (outtake one)
3. COLD (outtake two)
4. COLD (instrumental demo)

COLD is available only from BANDCAMP. Hear full song previews at BANDCAMP

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