Alien Skin


Dark Synth Sounds Volume 1 is a multi artist compilation album of 19 tracks from across the globe. Released by the Swedish Kodapa Label it is on sale as a digital download as of today, June 7th. My Alien Skin contribution is the new song Razors In My Eyes.

image of artworkEarlier in the year I was approached by Dark Synth Radio asking if I was interested in providing a new song to the compilation, I accepted their kind offer. Each artist was to provide an unreleased new song or remix and after considering a couple of existing unfinished tracks I had laying about, I decided to write something new and exclusive for this project.

Often times like this being given an external stimulus & a definite time frame, do great wonders to the creative engine within. Razors In My Eyes was written and produced to completion within a few days of the request to contribute. I rarely work this fast, but on this occasion it all fell into place without the usual labour pains. I consequently only remember the process as something of a blur, back in my summer month of February, 2014. Nonetheless I am really excited with the song and the entire album and let me also say 'well done' to all the artists who have contributed!

I created the below music video to best present the song. It features 1946 Los Angeles where dark streets & highways meet bright advertising lights and vintage shop fronts. See curvacious sexy cars, a cinema sign displaying the contemporary Rita Hayworth film-noir classic Gilda and post war folks out on the town. As an aficionado of the film-noir genre I thought this filmic backdrop works hand in glove with Razors In My Eyes.


Buy the download album from Kodapa E-Shop or from iTunes and other major outlets.

Buy before end of June 2014 & get a MASSIVE 50% discount from the Kodapa E-Shop! Use discount code DSSVOL1 when checking out from the webshop to claim your discount.

I wish to thank Robert Widell, Peter Andersson & Barbara Moser for making it all happen!

Dark Synth Sounds Volume 1 Track listing:
01 - In This Mode, Trancendence (Pumping The Void)
02 - Tonchirurgie, Teardrop
03 - M73, RealityCheck
04 - Alien Skin, Razors In My Eyes
05 - Caged Crow, Complete
06 - Köln 81, Chisinau
07 - Per TePop, Rigtheous and Virtuous
08 - DROID SECTOR DECAY, Tongue In Mouth
09 - Disorder, Burn
10 - N-Stein, Deamon
11 - Wolf Dragonard, Black Hole Sequence
12 - W Trebor, DOC
13 - Roughhausen, Apathetic Shithead
14 - Blinky Blinky Computerband, Crosses & Bones
15 - Jan Doyle Band, Feral Nihilist (soft)
16 - Dark Insights, Bittersüss
17 - Lost in Desire, Skin (EGOamp Skin Deep Remix)
18 - IIOIOIOII, Rising Sky (FM Club Mix)
19 - Dpoint, She touched the strings (Dead of night remix)

It is particularly gratifying to receive the below comment on my Facebook page from Peter Andersson (owner of Kodapa Label that released the album ) in reference to Razors In My Eyes.


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