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David Sylvian, to me, is one the few masterful music artists that I consider important. Important enough to have profoundly affected my understanding and appreciation of music as art.

I enjoy the way he deconstructs songs to their minimal needs and inner beauty. At his finest he is mesmerizing, intelligent & original and he continues to inspire my own work as Alien Skin.

Especially delightful to my ears and senses is when he creates electronic work, music that swims in atmospheric clouds of sensuality...of body and mind. I therefore wish to highlight this very special live performance from 2004 in Tokyo, televised on Japanese TV. With David are his brother Steve Jansen (enjoy his electro drumming with fingers and feet) & Masakatsu Takagi on visuals.

Firstly, here's one of my fave songs from the show, 'The Heart Knows Better' followed by the entire concert it was cut from...
The full concert...

Further highlights for me are the songs 'A Fire In The Forest', 'When Poets Dreamed Of Angels' & 'World Citizen' though the entire concert is one of fluid electronic sensual purity...sonically and songwise it's a treat and vocally he is in excellent form. I hope you enjoy it too.

Featured songs:
The good son
The only daughter
The heart knows better
She is not
Late night shopping
A fire in the forest
When poets dreamed of angels / cries and whispers
Blue skinned gods
Wasn't i joe?
World citizen
Jean the birdman

And finally, a short but life filled burst of fresh September air...

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