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PHOTO10 free album downloads to 10 fast fans!

It all began with the album Don't Open Till Doomsday my Alien Skin debut CD released April 2008 on the US label, A Different Drum.

It established my musical identity as Alien Skin and gained a substantial amount of fans through online word of mouth. Feedback from people at the time was incredibly encouraging to me and provided the necessary motivation to continue with Alien Skin as a valid vehicle for my music.

Favourites from fans at the time were songs such as Razor Arms, Saviour, Alien Skin. The whole album in total was well received and sold well.

To commemorate the eighth anniversary of its release I am giving away 10 free album downloads to the first 10 people who want it!

Below are 10 unique codes. Grab one of these and redeem it at my Bandcamp page link. if you're fast enough the album will begin downloading immediately.  Do let me know if you manage to get the album. Thank you for your support and thank you for being a fan. Now copy & paste one of these following codes and good luck!

Grab one of these unique codes to redeem for a free download of the album from BANDCAMP

****** CODES NOW EXPIRED APRIL 14th ****** 

Thank you to everyone who downloaded the album, it's of great support having your interest!



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