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How to Get Your FREE Limited Edition, Signed CD. Offer Ends March 1st, 2012!

I am giving away this unique, signed and personalised CD, absolutely FREE to fans who purchase the CD version of my new album 'Ghost In The Rain' from CDBABY or directly from my Alien Skin website, by March 1st, 2012. It will be mailed to you separately with NO postage cost to you!

'The Secret Garden' CDEP consists of 4 songs:

01  The Secret Garden
02  Save Me
03  She's Out Of My Head
04  Waters Are Rising

These songs were recorded simultaneously with 'Ghost In The Rain' (release date February 22, 2012).
(more news on 'Ghost in The Rain' including previews, coming soon).

'The Secret Garden' CDEP is fully HandMade by myself. Each high quality TDK CD media that I mail out, is created on my own computer, signed by me and with YOUR name hand-written on it. It's the only way to ensure that what you receive is a genuine personal gesture.

As an independent, meaning all production & recording costs are paid out of my own pocket, I rely solely on the support of people buying my work. It's to these kind people that I am mostly thankful. I know that genuine fans will wish to purchase the 'Ghost In The Rain' CD as soon as released, which REALLY helps me! This gift is consequently my way of showing them, my heartfelt 'thank you' for their/your support:)

What you need to do to get 'The Secret Garden' CD free!

1.  Purchase the CD of 'Ghost In The Rain' from CDBABY or Alien Skin website by March 1, 2012.
2.  Email me your CDBABY proof of purchase using the CONTACT tab above.
3.  I will sign and mail you (absolutely free) the HandMade CD of 'The Secret Garden'. Simple!

This offer is ONLY available when you purchase the CD version of 'Ghost In The Rain' from CDBABY (retail price) or directly from the Alien Skin website (personalised copy). It is NOT available from any other source or  as a download.

I will provide the CDBABY purchase link as soon as the CD is available for sale.

The Secret Garden HandMade Limited Edition CD
If you have any questions, please email me using the 'Contact' tab on the Navigation Bar, above.


2012-02-17 14:54:19 - Alien Skin
Loren, thank you so much for contributing a comment and for your thoughts. Hopefully you'll have the EP together with Ghost In The Rain very soon!
2012-02-17 08:08:23 - Loren
..and here I am... to listen to this splendour, again and again.. there's something special, something sacred.. and such a kindness down there, in the deep.. Thanks so much for this thought from You.
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