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George MilheDISCLAIMER: I had been forewarned that I'd be receiving this post, from a good friend of mine (pictured), in order that I wouldn't be taken by gobsmacked surprise upon reading the content of his open letter.

It's a humbling experience for anyone to be thought of so positively by a friend, certainly it is for me, especially when they wish to have their expressed thoughts on public record. So, without ever wishing to make it appear self-serving, and I do believe he's being over generous with his commendations, I shall honour his wish and publish the letter in full, below. BTW the blog title is to be taken with a grain of salt, but discussing the affect The Unquiet Grave album has had on him is the prime reason he contributed this post...

"...hello friends and fans of Alien Skin.....George Milhe is my name and I want you to know that George (alias Alien Skin) is My Best Friend and a Brother to me. George and I met in 1972 at an Infamous School in East Melbourne (Australia), and that’s where our longstanding friendship was born.

He introduced me to the Beatles and influenced me to learn the Bass guitar so that he and I, along with our best friend John, can play music together and form a band......Our Childhood Dream of being Beatles like :0) ….He has been my Mentor and Best Friend ever since....

A recent Love relationship break up, had left me devastated and engulfed with grief and sadness..... Once again My Dear Friend George has been there to console and help me through it with his genuine care, concern and comforting words of advice…. But that wasn’t all. I requested from him to help me record a song that I wrote and was desperate to complete with a sense of urgency….. It was to serve as a Healing Tool for me……and without any hesitation and consideration to his time and efforts, it was finished within days. The joy, the satisfaction from the sense of positive achievement and healing power of listening to the song was more than I could have ever imagined…. Once again his Amazing musicianship shines through and he Breathed Life into my song…..I am very grateful!

Now you must be wondering why I am sharing this story with you all who don’t know me. It is my way of introducing me to you and where I fit in George’s personal world…..So that I may enlighten you of his Goodness and Genuine Caring Nature, if you weren’t already aware of it!

This brings me to the main purpose of my story. And that’s to share my feelings about My Favorite Alien Skin Album: The Unquiet Grave.

This Album has been My Personal Companion throughout my Lengthy Grieving Journey…It Comforted and Gave me Hope of Salvation…..I’ve lost count of the number of times I have listened to it. The Creativity of the Lyrics and Music of this Special Album by “Alien Skin”…. Who shares with us its Dedication being for the Memories of Family Members who have passed on.......As well as the selfless, compassionate people who give themselves for the need of others unconditionally….Took me on an Emotional Experience through George’s Colorless Kaleidoscope, Peaking into the World of Love, Life, Death, Loneliness, Loss, Grief, Sadness and Rejoice!

This may sound somewhat 'Somber' to the uninitiated and unfamiliar with Alien Skin’s Melancholia …However in a clever way, Hope, Understanding and Enlightenment, Grow Organically through His Music…. taking you through a “Humbling and Comforting Journey”.  When you encounter The Emotional Rollercoaster of Life, Love, Grief, Joy and All in Between…Or Simply Just Feeling Down…..I Promise you The Unquiet Grave will help with Your Salvation! :)"

George Milhe

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2013-05-24 00:15:45 - George Milhe
Hi Chris, thank you so much for your caring and encouraging comments, I sincerely appreciate it. All the very best to you! George
2013-05-13 17:38:25 - Christopher
George Milhe, hang in there. It's good that you choose to rejoice. Nice story. Stay open and always be well. -Chris
2013-04-07 02:40:38 - George Milhe
I appreciate you posting my letter on your website George, as it means a lot to me!
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