Alien Skin


Spotify, the world's best interactive music streaming service, has been around for a few years now but I've never quite spent enough time researching it for its value to independent artists like myself. And since Ive paid scant attention to it I have failed in seeing its potential.

After spending some time checking it out over the past day, I realize that with some persistent hands on work it can help broaden an artist's outreach facilitating the discovery of, in my case, Alien Skin music, by people who otherwise may never get to hear or know of it.

Spotify uses its own discreet, automatic algorithms to identify what tracks & artist profiles are generating listener interest - this can result in increased auto-generated recommendations (etc) for Alien Skin music; in turn this may result in more people discovering my work. And for me that's the name of the game.

What I would like you to do...

Simply FOLLOW' Alien Skin on my Spotify profile. This is a small but helpful first step. If you enjoy the music I do please help and 'follow' my Spotify page. Just click on the below button -



A second step that can help is to either/and SAVE an Alien Skin album or even single track, or add same to one of your Playlists. These actions are picked up by a Spotify algorithm, adding more weight to my Alien Skin profile, which is a big help.

Thanks again, and I'd love your support with this!






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