Alien Skin


I'm Your Machine is the new Alien Skin single & the first to be released in 2013. A sojourn into different musical territory for me, but it can be fun to occasionally step outside one's own skin. It's in someways a brief return to my days in Real life and earlier.

The song was inspired by similar themes in favourite movies like '2001: A Space Odyssey' & 'Westworld' and also my love of vocoders. I had a working song title, Luddite Love, but being possibly a little too cryptic, I've gone with the obvious choice.

Although the single is available on iTunes and everywhere else, the version on Bandcamp also includes another new track, Prisoner of the Tower. The Bandamp version of the single will give you 2 songs for the price of one so I think that's the best deal.

Here's the video of I'm Your Machine ...


2013-08-31 02:16:13 - Patricia
I love it !! Great sound George ! :D
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