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Album track orderIt's been a year since the release of my third CD album Ghost In The Rain and it's time I post these scans before the new album is released, in April.

Most of the lyrics I've written have either been lost over the years or I simply used my computer rather than pen & paper. Here then are all the handwritten lyrics that I can locate, most are from Ghost In The Rain but a couple are from my two Phil Kearney collaborations. If you click on each image it will open up as a larger version so you may read it.

The image on the left is the original track order of the album. It was subsequently changed before the CD was mastered.

Click on the images below to have a look at the original hand written pages of lyrics.

Many of the lyrics are first drafts or incomplete, they were later entered into my word processor, reworked and refined.

Featured songs are Brigitte, Candy Lips, With Your Sad Eyes, Stay With Me, She Sells Seashells. I collaborated with Phil Kearney in writing the latter track, his original scratch vocal line used the 'Peter Piper' nursery rhyme to demonstrate the rhythm and phrasing of lyrics to come. I mapped them out on paper so I could then write the final lyric using the same syllable rhythm. You'll also notice that 'Kashmir Dreams' was the working title of Candy Lips.

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2013-03-14 01:45:45 - PATRICIA
So precious papers !!! :)
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