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2012 is rolling fast to a close, it seems the older one gets the faster the world spins. A few blinks, a few sleeps, some good times, some bad times and we're back where we started from...another year over.

This year I released a number of Alien Skin recordings, the principle one being my CD album Ghost In The Rain way back in February. I fondly recall the mastering of the album on a very hot and humid Christmas Eve 2011, and I've added a video of the session below.

I also released VOLUME ONE, a download album featuring a number of demo recordings from the 1990's including two vocal songs which never found their way on an album. Summer Of Love was a special release in September, featuring Steve Kilbey (The Church band), and I have to add that it was an exciting one for me to work on. I finished the year with Cold, a 5 track EP with a collection of outtakes and one new vocal track, Be My Angel.

Behind the scenes I've been working on a new Alien Skin CD album for early next year. It will probably be comprised of 11 - 12 songs. A true solo effort has its positives and negatives: full creative control but at the same time only oneself to be judge & jury....all decisions on every aspect of the work, artistic & technical, is totally subjective. This sometimes has the effect of dragging everything into a mess of confusion and self doubt; a song that I have absolute confidence in one day, may feel totally inadequate the next day. If I leave it alone for a few days I may return to my original thoughts and like it again. I assume most of us who work in the fashion I do probably go through similar agonies. So it's a never ending process of moving forward two steps then one step back. As long as the ratio is in favour of forward steps, it's good:) But it still takes a lot of work, time and anguish.

Another project I have been working on is with French singer RoBERT. A number of songs have already been demo'd and recorded but due to other commitments the album project has been put on hold till next year. I really look forward to finishing what we've begun, RoBERT is a unique & gifted artist and a gorgeous woman at that.

In 2012 I also began selecting songs I wrote and performed live in the 1980s, and have intentions of recreating them for an 80s themed Alien Skin EP at some point. My 2013 album release though takes precedence over everything else.

And onwards it continues....


{Dec 8 RIP John Lennon 1940-1980}

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2012-12-09 17:54:24 - Kage Alan
I look forward to adding to the Alien Skin collection in 2013. This year has been such a busy one for you, but your efforts and work have been so very worth it. Please keep it coming! Cheers to you, George. =)
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