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As I often do when I hear a musical piece that resonates within me on first listen, I subconsciously begin writing a tune and lyric to compliment the music. This was the case when US musician Phil Kearney sent me his instrumental 'Das Traurige Ende' (The Sad End').

Phil and I had recently collaborated on the song 'She Sells Seashells' and on its completion he forwarded me this wonderful opus. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful, introspective and charming gem and within a couple of listens that late evening during TV breaks, I structured the basis, in my head, of With Your Sad Eyes. In the morning I roughly re-edited his instrumental in order for it to better work within a lyrical song format, recorded my vocal and sent it to an unsuspecting Phil.

Phil: 'With Your Sad Eyes' was originally a short instrumental I had written entitled 'Das Traurige Ende' (The Sad End). I sent it to George on a whim after forwarding the last of my vocal tracks for 'She Sells Seashells.' The only reason I sent it was because I was fairly certain George had not heard it. NOT because I was hoping for some sort of further collaboration. I was pleasantly surprised at his reply: " 'The Sad End' I think is so lovely, that I took the liberty of re-arranging it and writing a vocal." He sent the rough demo of his idea, and I loved it.

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Listen to a brief, edited podcast of myself & Phil discussing the song [from my Alien Skin guestlist series].

Phil then sent me all the original, individual music track recordings, edited as per my new arrangement, and I rerecorded my vocal, mixed it all together and had the song mastered. With Your Sad Eyes I like to think, resonates as a mournful, delicate ballad full of emotive melody and space; a gem quietly hiding beneath the noise of the outside world. I thank Phil for allowing me to transform his original instrumental idea into a vocal song. The track is available as a download through iTunes, Bandcamp, Cdbaby etc.

Download song from iTunes buttonDownload With Your Sad Eyes from iTunes!

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Listen to Phil's original instrumental 'Das Traurige Ende'

In 2014, the song was subsequently re-recorded for my vocal duet - collaborative project, Plastic Art Noise [below] and is featured on our album, 'Like Strangers Do'.

Plastic Art Noise | With Your Sad Eyes (2014)



2012-04-07 23:06:51 - Phil Kearney
George I thank YOU again. It's been an honor. Truly Phil
2011-11-14 14:34:35 - patricia robert
George and Phil The first time when I listened to this song, I cried, and sometimes I still cry on it. Phil made ​​me listen to "DAS TRAURIG ENDE" and he told me that you will put your words on it. I immediately loved the music of Phil. Then when your words came to land on the music like butterflies one the flowers, I could not retain my emotion, thank you both. With your sad eyes is always one of my favourites :) Patricia
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