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Siblings Cover ArtSiblings is a 6 track EP issued and available exclusively from Bandcamp. Released as a companion compilation to the 2013 album 'The Secret Garden', it features an eclectic selection of songs dating from the early 80s to the recording sessions of that album.

Track list:

01 The Secret Garden (naked vox version)
02 Words Don't Say Enough
03 Plastic Lives
04 She's Out if My Head (remastered)
05 Waters Are Rising (remastered)
06 Grand Designs

The Secret Garden (naked vox version) is a stripped down version of the title song from the album with focus on the vocals above the bed of sparse instrumentation. The song was written  circa 1985.

Words Don't Say Enough
is a remake of a song I wrote in the early 1980s and performed live at the time with my band Silent Stranger. I kept faithful to the period in choice of sounds and arrangement ideas & I believe you'll agree it sounds like a slice of early 80s synthpop.

Plastic Lives I fondly play around with references to Kraftwerk and The Normal's 'Warm Leatherette'. The latter being Daniel Miller (Depeche Mode). The track was born shortly after I released Don't Open Till Doomsday and after forgetting about it for awhile, I resurrected it a few weeks back, injected new life in it and viola...I think it's a great piece. The vocals are from 2008.

She's Out of My Head is a remastered version of a bonus track I presented, on a handmade CD, to early buyers of my 'Ghost In The Rain' CD in 2012. The song was produced during the writing sessions of that album.

Waters Are Rising
is also a remastered version that appeared on the same bonus CD. I originally had the working title 'Accordian' as that was the key sound playing the waltz chord pattern later replaced by the Prophet V synth present on the current recording.

Grand Designs, a title taken from the UK TV series, was a song produced last year and became excess to requirements, never finding its way onto 'The Secret Garden' album. But here it is now and it's a favourite of mine!

Siblings EP is available exclusively at Bandcamp...


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