Alien Skin


Tomorrow's Dead
is a new Alien Skin song included on Let There be Synth Vol 5. I've been involved in this Swedish series of releases for a couple for years now, having contributed 2 previous tracks, Razors In My Eyes & Make It Dark Again.

PHOTO Let There be Synth Vol 5 is a massive 4 volume release via the Swedish Kodapa Label and available also on iTunes as of March 26th. The extensive list of artists can be found on this attached PDF produced by Robert Widell, the co-ordinator of the project.

According to Robert "The fifth volume of the ever growing series of compilations from Swedish label Kodapa features no less than 50 songs from bands representing 16 countries! It provides a fantastic cross section of the vibrant electronic music of today. Vol 5 consists of 4 subvolumes, all with a different flavor."

Tomorrow's Dead also features the voice of Jo Huber of Synthie Decibelshock all the way from Switzerland and I thank her ever so much for her contribution.

For fans who do not need the full 4 album set, I have bundled Tomorrow's Dead with my 2 other previous contributions to Kodapa Label's releases into a mini album for the cost of just one song. The 3 track release is called The Swedish Connection.

Buy The Swedish Connection and along with Tomorrow's Dead you also get Razors In My Eyes and Make It Dark Again. The latter 2 songs being essentially free!



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