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Chain DLK reviews 'Don't Open Till Doomsday'

Chain D.L.K. webzine reviews 'Don't Open Till Doomsday'

by Maurizio Pustianaz
10 Jun 2008

'Beautiful Electronic Night Music'

George Pappas is the keyboard player of the renowned Real Life. The Australian band had a huge success in the 80's with "Send me an angel". Alien Skin was born in 2004 when George felt the urge to free his personal musical vision that couldn't be fulfilled within Real Life. Lover of the 80's electronic wave genre George has created a beautiful album. A CD that the first time I listened to it made me file these ten songs under "night music".

As admitted by George himself Martin Gore's songwriting really affected his musical taste and songs like "It Doesn't Matter (I Want You)" & the following "Gloomy Sunday" prove this influence. Even if a certain influence is evident I'd like to say that this doesn't affect the value of Alien Skin's songwriting or his way of choosing sounds and arrangements. It's more like George is sharing with Martin the same music path.

Let's go back to DON'T OPEN TILL DOOMSDAY songs then... Night music. What do I mean with this term? Well, you know, listening to these tracks you have the sensation of being surrounded by sounds but at the same time there's a certain dark mood that permeates the whole atmosphere. Melancholy isn't the only main thing on this album as on tracks like "Dust to Ashes 1945" or "The Spirit is Willing" there's a driving upbeat rhythm that make them ready to be remixed and used on dance clubs.

I'm glad that George sent me his album because I found it melodically catchy and musically rich. We'll discover something more about it into the upcoming interview with Alien Skin. Always here at CHAIN D.L.K.

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