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Playlist Razor Arms + Cold + She's Ephemeral (your free downloads!)

What media writes about Alien Skin!
  • CHAIN DLK MAGAZINE - "take the most intimate Depeche Mode tunes, add some Marc Almond influence on vocals, shake and serve cold... this alien never sounded more human than this to me."
  • SIDE-LINE MAGAZINE - "Alien Skin moves on the edge of an imaginary pop-lounge style. Fascinating emotional music."
  • TWISTED DREAMS MAGAZINE - "a voice like refined ice and I have never in my life heard such shadowed decadence"
  • GRAVE CONCERNS EZINE - "Alien Skin exemplifies goth with the rock bled out of it and a voice that guides us through a haze of dark and mellow synth."
  • MUEN MAGAZINE - "silky vocals lure you to truly listen to the darkly erotic and sensual trance of lyrics and music."
  • ALTERNATION MAGAZINE - "Songs like 'Cold', 'Razor Arms' & 'Gloomy Sunday' are chilled pieces of dark bedsit listening, wow, this is sublime!"

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  "beautiful, haunting, cinematic: muzik electronik"