photo of album coverEuropean Electronic Cinema new album

Songs & Synthesizers: noir atmosphere, monochrome dreams & experimental detours.

Pre-Order now from Bandcamp at a discounted price till Sep 2nd. Final Alien Skin album to be released in CD format.


"...I can tell you that European Electronic Cinema is an evocative, emotional release that is warm at times, and melancholic at others, but with a universal genius readily apparent." [JamSphere] read the full review

"...It’s unusual to find an album of this nature, that allows you to drift off into your own little world, whilst at the same time leaving you with lyrics and melodies swirling around in your mind. It’s a fantastic combination of the two worlds, the two alternate results of effective music. The experimental nature of these songs is pleasantly reminiscent at times of the song writing style of David Bowie, and on occasion, the mellow, less rap-heavy tracks from Faithless’ earlier days." [Stereo Stickman] read the full review

"...‘Sterile in Blue’ is one of the finest tracks on the album. The composition is absolutely extraordinary. It’s captivating in every way, and Pappas’ sly poetic imagery supplements the sonic experience so heavily. I absolutely love Alien Skin’s production style. Despite having such depth in its productions, ‘European Electronic Cinema’ feels so accessible." [Tilting Windmill Studios] read the full review

"...While I can recognize that following Alien Skin into his tripped-out tunes might be quite a voyage for some people – I’d encourage you all to take the ride all the same.  Each of these songs present a real idea and moments that are completely stunning along the way…and everything I’ve heard seems to have something new to offer. 'The Emporer's Tram Girl [for example] I can’t enough of, all I can do is love and LOVE it, it's a serious winner." [SleepingBag Studios] read the full review

"...This album is one of the most beautiful soundscapes I’ve heard in recent times, sounding somewhat like post-rock evolving to its most beautiful level possible. Add those, oh-so-hypnotizing vocals to complete the sound, and it’s hard to listen to this album and not feel like you are not only listening to something entirely new and unworldly, but also in some entirely unfamiliar awe inspiring landscape." [SoundLooks] read the full review

"...A lot of artists who focus on electronic music tend to get lost in their world of software, synths and quirky sonic manipulations, often focusing a lot on the music but leaving other important elements behind, such as arrangements, lyrics and song-writing. With a background in other genres, George knows what its like to write a catchy, yet meaningful song, regardless of the instrumental backdrop. The album features a kaleidoscopic and unpredictable approach to electronic music, defined by ethereal soundscapes with textural and full-bodied sounds." [The Bandcamp Diaries] read the full review



Pre-order the CD or Download album before September 2nd at a discounted price. You get the track My Polaroid Friend (Thin White Duke) now plus the complete album the moment it's released.


01  june is the coldest time
02  terror ist
03  i love art deco
04  all tomorrow's cares
05  platinum good looks
06  prettiest flower
07  sterile in blue
08  i still think of you
09  the emporer's tram girl
10  my polaroid friend (thin white duke)

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