Alien Skin



WINTER ON MARS new CD album 2016


Winter On Mars may just well be the loneliest, offbeat place on earth. Its songs are peppered with narratives and a menagerie of quirky, curious characters wandering aimlessly in the lost and found of the author's imagination.

Amongst others, meet the penny whistler whose tuneless street playing triggers unwanted memories of a man's past lover 'the girl with the yellow raincoat in the summer rain'. Get involved in the story of a young flower child who disappeared in sinister circumstances over 40 years ago; and that of an ocean's manslaughter of a loved one during her shipbound voyage of no return. Come closer to the edge and be drawn into the life of a woman created totally from a photograph found in a dilapidated house; and the man whose urban existence is such a source of anxiety he takes comfort in small familiars like a patch of grass outside his window.

Stories spring to life amidst mournful, brassy motifs that transparently reverberate through rain puddled, dark and narrow backstreets, evoking a feeling of being, perhaps, the only other living human on earth.

The new album turns the music of Alien Skin inside out: organic, sometimes claustrophobic and solidly underpinned with erratic, mutated guitar and funereal synthesizers. Never too far from electronic roots, Winter On Mars is a very different Alien Skin experience. We are also treated to the welcome return of Deity who graced the previous album 'A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World' with her often ghostly, bewitching backing vocals. ~TL

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