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Muen Magazine reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

Muen Magazine reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

by Macavity
21 July 2011

A thought runs through your head when you see a sophomore album from an artist that it can be really great or just more of the same from the debut. Somehow I knew the former would be the case with George Pappas and Alien Skin. I could not think or say enough good things about “Don’t Open Til Doomsday” and now I am faced with the same dilemma with this CD. The only exception is that this album is even better than the first with more attention given to each and every song and every minute detail of the tunes!

The title track has to be the incomparable standout as this is a song that harkens back to many eras in content and also sounds and yet is completely original and contemporary. Amazing synths and perfectly placed spoken words add to the hauntingly beautiful music found in this and all of the tracks on the album. Most artists seem to get “stuck” and almost refuse to stretch and try new things that are outside their comfort zone or what they have always known. This not the case for Pappas, who pushes the envelope with new sounds and arrangements and makes songs very relevant and upon listening closely almost before their time in musical quality. The title track illustrates this exceedingly well but so does “History” and “Cold.” “This Isolation” is a must listen to over and again to capture the feel and emotion within this song and is another example of going outside of an artist’s previous comfort zone and revealing more about themselves and their talent.

Nothing about this CD is stuck in a genre or back in time but rather is a stunning representation of what artists who have had great success should do to move ahead and garner new fans. This album also shows you what creative genius and talent can evolve to given freedom to express. If you have not heard of Alien Skin and think it is not in your genre category then you are mistaken. This is an album with many facets and one that all music lovers should buy.

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