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- Alien Skin jam packs synthesizers and obscure lyricism together in a surprisingly elegant package [Tilting Willow Studios]

- Alien Skin is incomparable in a playing field all of his own. No one is even approaching this type of musical expression in the current music scene that I can think of [JamSphere]

- Alien Skin has an awesome penchant to create music that’s off the beaten path…and I love the guy for it [Sleeping Bag Studio mag]

- Haunting evanescence, suave atmosphere and beautiful sounds - this nocturnal aura which has become the Alien Skin trademark succeeds because it is extremely refined and because it creates an intimate participation in those who listen to it with the right spirit [Darkroom-Italia]

- Post-rock evolving to its most beautiful level possible [Video Music Stars]

- Alien Skin bridges the gap between all post punk, synth pop, alternative, new wave, ambient and new romantic music. [Lexston Hatchett]

- Very poetic and expressive nature to both the vocals and the music…still somehow maintaining enough of a straightforwardness that many people could latch onto, but definitely heading firmly towards the bizarre, strange and beautiful [SleepingBag Studio mag]

- Alien Skin moves on the edge of an imaginary pop-lounge style. Fascinating emotional music. [Side-Line]

- There’s a strangely cinematic effect to the music, whereby the art of it stretches much further than what is audible. It’s a stunning effect - [Stereo Stickman]

- Alien Skin's vocals are quite unique and flow through a register of tones somewhere between singing and an organic space of symbolic, almost dreamlike allegory; a harbour of secret paradise, singing a poem or a liturgy if you will [Lee Kwo]

- Alien Skin blurs the line between accessibility and experimentalism in the realm of forward-thinking electronic music [The Bandcamp Diaries]

- Comparisons to Berlin-era David Bowie and Iggy Pop’s The Idiot are inevitable and justified. Alien Skin develops Pappas' gift for melody, atmospherics and imaginative story-telling [Rated Sound]

- Take the most intimate Depeche Mode tunes, add some Marc Almond influence on vocals, shake and serve cold... this alien never sounded more human than this to me [Chain DLK]

- Alien Skin music has an odd character, sometimes sensual and earthly while at other times it is just like a lone abandoned spaceship floating in the immensity of space, this aspect could be related with the fact that the voice constitutes the organic component while the electronic ambience and rhythmic accompaniments are melancholic, cold, and opaque in contrast
[Heathen Harvest]

- Music itself can be extremely personal and safe...letting one fall backwards and be caught in the bliss of the surreal, and the purity of lucidness. Alien Skin has effortlessly done that for me and I hope for you too after taking your own journey with his music [Grave Concerns]

- When Alien Skin pops up on my playlist I know I’m in for something the artist making the music is committed to & just as enthusiastic about creating…as I’ve always said, that matters to me as a listener [SleepinBag Studios]

- Alien Skin creates a textural, dark and haunting blend of sound that bridges the gaps between the twisted darkness of Aphex Twin and the cinematic atmospheres of Sigur Ros coupled with a voice that reminds me of eclectic artists including David Bowie & Iggy Pop, among others [MusicBlogged]

- Alien Skin are very cool & very accomplished. I love em [Steve Kilbey/The Church]

- Some people get the itch early on in life to make music and it just never leaves. I think that's fair to say about Pappas of Alien Skin. In his case it's nice to hear that he's constantly evolving just like David Bowie, Scott Walker and Brian Eno did [No More Division]

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