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Side-Line Magazine reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

Side-Line Music Magazine reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

by Ed
31 August 2010

Alien Skin is an Australian project that was set up by George Pappas who was previously involved in the famous Australian band Real Life. This band got international fame by the 80s hit 'Send Me An Angel'.

A few years ago now G. Pappas started this new project. After the debut album "Don't Open Till Doomsday" (2008) we now get "The Unquiet Grave". While the title and the front cover of the album are rather gothic like Alien Skin can be easily defined as a pure electro-pop formation. What I like in their sound is the less typical synth-pop production. "The Unquiet Grave" sounds quite intimate and surprising. The title song opening is based on a traditional 14th century folksong. We have to admit that this isn't really common for a synth-pop band. This song sounds like an intro, but we have to recognize it all starts an original way.

The main songs are quite wafting and moody with some ambient touch on top. The album becomes interesting when listening to 'History', 'Love', 'This Isolation' and 'Cold'. You can easily perceive the mature sound and production while the 'pop'-style revealed by Alien Skin takes some distance with the established standards. All songs and especially the lyrics of a few tracks aren't always that groundbreaking, but other cuts are revealing certain fragility and quietness. It sometimes moves on the edge of an imaginary pop-lounge style.

"The Unquiet Grave" is more a kind of down-tempo pop release crafted with emotion and devotion. This is nothing like dance-pop, but just a fascinating experience throughout emotional pop music!

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