Alien Skin

Single Of The Day picks 'Saviour'

'Single of the Day' webzine picks 'Saviour' from 'Don't Open Till Doomsday'

by Jody
26 August 2008

[...] I'm feeling a bit bold and a tad experimental today. That leads me to my choice for today. The ethereal and strange tune known as 'Saviour' by a group called Alien Skin. Think about that for a moment - Alien Skin. Most people get visions of little green or odd shaped human like creatures whenever the word alien is used. So of course when the project name came across my desk I first thought of the X-Files. I’m not sure why. I did. The good thing is, the music actually lends itself to the name of the project. That is actually pure marketing genius. When the music fits the name under which it is created. That’s not to say great music can’t have a totally unrelated name. It can, it happens all the time. I feel like it’s a double added bonus when all aspects of the project and the music fit together. Such is Alien Skin and their song Saviour... [E]xplore the textures that George Pappas and his Alien Skin produces. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Do get it legally. It will make you feel better. It will make George feel good, and it will help me feel great!

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