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Transcript: The Secret Garden Interview Video

Transcript of 'The Secret Garden' Interview Video.

This transcript text will assist people watching the video interview where English is not their first language and may therefore have difficulty understanding my spoken words.

JO: My name is Jo from Velvetstorm Media and today I am especially thrilled to be speaking with George of Alien Skin regarding the release of his new album The Secret Garden. We're being treated to 11 wonderful new ethereal soundscapes from you this year. Can you tell us something about the history or the inspiration that led to the making of the album?

GEORGE: Hello Jo, The Secret Garden originally came to life as a 4 track EP/CD that I gave away as a gift to people who purchased my previous CD album Ghost In The Rain in it's first week. It received such a positive response that I decided later to add 2 or 3 new songs and publically release it as a new download. From this beginning the concept kept changing as I continued to write more and more songs that I wanted to include. Eventually, I ended up retaining the 2 key songs from the original EP, being The Secret Garden and Save Me. and included 9 brand new tracks to make a full album instead.

JO: Which track is your personal favourite track and why?

GEORGE:'s always difficult to choose a favourite song of one's own, similar to choosing a favourite child, so I'll speak about each track.

I like End Of The Season because it's a different type of Alien Skin song for me, it's breezy and it sounds as if I'm floating on a melancholy cloud.

The title track The Secret Garden  is very dear to me & I brought it to life, on this album, 28 years after writing it. I've always been very fond of the song but I haven't had the appropriate avenue for it, till now. The version here is slightly different in arrangement to the EP & has been remixed & remastered.

Here You Are has probably become my favourite love song that I've written to date and I also love the fat bassline that slithers like a snake underneath it.

The songs Sunny Day and On A Fine Day are both buoyant & full of  life & colour, like Simon & Garfunkel's 'Feeling Groovy' to me. They're like opening up a window to a  fresh new day and I enjoyed recording them quite a lot.  

Blue is a melodic favourite. It's simple & intimate and I like the circularity in the lyric, traveling from Blue to life, to love, to Blue again.

Crushing Flowers is blueprint Alien Skin, it has brooding atmosphere, moody melancholia and one of my favourite choruses on the album.

Save Me is I think powerful in all respects & very electro; this version has been re-engineered & remastered and sounds a lot better than on the EP.

Oh Mercy Moonlight is sparse and haunting with lots of  lyrical imagery and I love songs of this genre.

The song Airports was inspired by the savage winter in Europe a couple of years ago when all the airports were frozen for days. It deliberately sounds 80s and musically is the densest track on the album.

Finally, 19th Century Girl is another song whose outcome I'm very pleased with. It has a number of distinct parts which I consider to be very strong, melodically, lyrically & in production. The song was inspired by the social divisions and double standards of 19th century Victorian society and the motivation to put some of those ideas into song was brought forward by watching the very excellent British TV series: Downton Abbey.

JO: George, thank you for taking the time to have a chat about the new album. Now I know there will be lots of people anxiously wanting to purchase a copy... is it strictly a digital release or will there be physical copies available too?

GEORGE: Yes, The Secret Garden is available both as a physical CD & download. I recommend BANDCAMP for both CD & download as it provides the very best return to the artist although you can choose your own source, like iTunes, Amazon, CDBABY & everywhere else.

Thank you Jo......