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Transmission Control 91.3 FM reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

Transmission Control: 91.3 FM reviews 'The Unquiet Grave'

by Tom Kelley
15 March 2010

The first CD had maybe the worst cover art in A Different Drum's history -- but the songs themselves were generally well-executed melancholy atmospheres that hung together nicely as a record.

Here, we get decent cover art wrapped around a second helping of the above. So this time, the CD sounds like it looks, essentially. There's only one truly uptempo track here, and it's still a blurry nighttime atmosphere -- and that's the way this record was supposed to sound. A few of the tracks skimp in the lyrical department ("Dirty Kisses"? Meh.) Beyond that, nice sounds, smooth production, and even some catchy moments hidden in the clouds.

Speaking as a DJ, I'll get to most of these tracks in moodier sets. Best to time these to sunsets...

(By the way, if you read this review, listened to a sample or two, and decided to get on board, that's great -- now please buy the CD. Or legally download the whole album, not merely a track or two. If your next stop is an illegal download site, you're robbing yourself of future records like this. On the other hand, if your next stop is putting this CD and others like it in your shopping cart, you're part of the reason any kind of music this good is still out there to be heard -- keep it up!)

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