Leading Euro electro magazine, Side-Line, gives “P.O.P. POP” a big thumbs up!

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L.O.A.D.I.N.G. P.H.O.T.O.In 2019 I released one of my most successful Alien Skin albums, P.O.P. POP, and the first for quite a while on a record label, ScentAir Records, Moscow. It somewhat took me by surprise as it was a slight departure from what I had been producing till then, still very blue, grey and melancholic in emotion but more rhythmic and upbeat in structure. Most of the tracks are spoken lyrics, in the subtle delivery style perhaps of Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant.

The CD of the album was sold exclusively through POPoNAUT one of Europe’s best online shops for Synthpop, Wave, Gothic, EBM, Electro & Industrial music and just missed their top 10 sales chart, but hovered at 11 for a number of weeks. Side-Line, the long time leading Euro electro-industrial magazine also rated it highly in their weekly reviews as well as conducting an interview with me.

I’m quite chuffed at all this attention as it opened up a new geographic area of interest for my work, focused within Europe. Signing the album to ScentAir Records paid off as I couldn’t have accomplished the same release success by myself. Perhaps I reached some of you reading this post from the P.O.P. POP album promo campaign, who knows. Below is the original 5 minute preview that launched the fan interest in P.O.P. POP.

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