A Frankenstein connection – electronic by design…

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L.O.A.D.I.N.G. P.H.O.T.O.Lifted from the 2019 album P.O.P. POP, Byron Said to Mary is a song that was well supported by online radio and user playlists when first released.  Play it louder and it makes even better sense they tell me:)

I commissioned a music video to be made of the song and you may watch it below…..it’s a loose interpretation but I think it still works. I would have preferred something darker with more grit and a retro feel, it’s what I do musically but I left it up to the film maker and this is the result. Anyhow, to me, it’s the song itself that’s of greater import.

Having a fascination with Mary Shelley, author of one of my favourite novels, “Frankenstein” and also of her enigmatic relationship with Lord Byron, inspirer of the novel,  I just had to write “Byron Said to Mary’… lyrically constructed of two points of view and a eulogy. The full CD album is available from POPoNAUT, leading online German music shop, or Bandcamp if you want a download..

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