“She never loved but she liked to be loved”

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L.O.A.D.I.N.G. P.H.O.T.O.In 1982/3 I wrote the song SHE’S EPHEMERAL, reflecting the sparse, floating and emotive synth architecture I was hearing at the time from contemporaries. I no longer have my 4 track analogue tapes from that period but I did recreate the song in 2015 for the Alien Skin album, A Blue Sky at the Edge of the World, with female backing vocalist, Deity.

In those early years of the 80s our ears were fresh to these new sounds and song types. I know how enthused I was working within this electronic art nouveau music environment, light-years removed from what I was doing just a short time previously in conventional rock bands. The post-punk, new wave movement that also branched into electronic music and  bringing into the foreground artists like DEPECHE MODE, was THE catalyst in my personal career as a musician and if you’re reading this then I guess it meant and means something to You as well. I therefore hope She’s Ephemeral makes a connection with you.

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