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I hope you’ve had a chance to check out my first blog post, Death by a Thousand Cuts, a couple of days ago. Thank you. This final, follow up blog is simply a few videos. I hope they will be of interest and help get you better acquainted with what I do. And don’t forget to claim your free download of ‘Isn’t It Cliche?’ below.

1. I begin with a studio mastering session. Ghost in the Rain is the album. It’s my third major release issued 2012.

2. Ghost In The Rain title track from the 2012 album.

3. Hey Mr Spaceman (Iryna’s Song) is from 2020, a dedication to my late wife.

4. She Looks a Lot Like Martin Gore from 1984 is from the album ‘New Romance: 1984’

5. West Berlin or Die Trying is from the album ‘Cold War Pop’

6. I Let My Imagination Take Over is a live to webcam recording related to video 2.

7. After releasing 2 albums I asked supporters to record their feelings about the music.

Thank you so much for checking out this private blog! In appreciation for doing so I offer you a free download of “Isn’t It Cliche?” from the 2019 album, P.O.P. POP

Download “Isn’t It Cliche?”

If you’ve been with me in spirit as you read these 2 blogs, Death by a Thousand Cuts and this one, you might kindly consider checking out my featured album New Romance: 1984 on this website.

I welcome communication so please if you want to comment or ask or tell or….write to me:)

Speak to you soon,



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