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Cold War Pop, New album 2021

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Cold War Pop has been released by my label, ScentAir Records, Moscow. The album is available as a beautiful jewel cased CD and download. Order early to beat any Covid postal delays, and you’ll get access to the first batch of CDs that online music store, POPoNAUT, receives from ScentAir Records. ALBUM PREVIEW THIS COMPLETE […]

Music Fans I Love & Love Back

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As an independent artist, one in a million and growing as I write, it’s not easy being found by an audience. No matter what my professional past has been. The effort to attract listeners is ongoing, one day after another and sometimes…I find reward. Reward from like minded people who enjoy the music I create […]

Thunderclap Stop Detour

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Dream Thunderclap Stop is a detour from what I’m musically associated with. It may therefore be of interest if only for that fact. I recorded a few live-to-webcam songs late last year after the death of my wife, Irene. I wrote these in the immediate aftermath of her funeral. Dream Thunderclap Stop is one I […]

Side-Line magazine reviews ‘New Romance: 1984’

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Leading European industrial electro magazine, Side-Line, running since 1989, has posted a review of my current album release ‘New Romance: 1984’. I’m pleased with what’s written, they ‘got it’… +++ Read more ‘New Romance: 1984’ reviews here FOR TRANSLATORS- Alien Skin – New Romance: 1984 (Album – ScentAir Records) Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop. Format: Digital, CD. Background/Info: […]

‘New Romance: 1984’


 ‘NEW ROMANCE: 1984’ is the new Alien Skin album   THAT 80s album made in 2020 “But it doesn’t sound contemporary!” says Johan No it doesn’t. It’s not meant to! It’s new wave post punk synth pop It’s unashamedly 80s Depeche Modish evoking British synthpop of the day It’s of a vintage analogue era […]

Who Is Alien Skin?

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You’ve Got It All My Love


You’ve Got It All My Love continues my remembrance and honouring of my late wife, Iryna, who died of cancer in August. This whirlwind of emotion that accompanies such a watershed event in one’s life, certainly in mine, cannot help but manifest itself in the one thing I know how to do well, write and […]

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