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The Happiest Face – NEW SINGLE!

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 ‘The Happiest Face’ was written in the 1980s and admittedly inspired by Depeche Mode’s ‘Happiest Girl’ which mesmerized me at the time, and still does. Love those unique days! ‘The Happiest Face’ has become my favourite Alien Skin song in a long time. Beauty, I know, is in the eye, ear or mind of […]

Video: Unboxing my new CD

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 PLEASE NOTE: ABOVE VIDEO OFFER ENDED AUGUST 1st – BUT CD STILL AVAILABLE FROM ME WITH JEWEL CASE FREIGHT FREE FOR $US20 After waiting months on end for my consignment of CDs from my record Label, ScentAir Records, based in Russia – myself in Australia – I finally received them today. International freight delay […]

New Album On Vinyl Soon !!

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Exciting news! My new album ‘New Romance: 1984’ will be available soon on vinyl! COVID19 transport delays and temporary suspension of airfreight means I have no definite date of availability as yet. But it WILL be available! The record is manufactured and purchased on a ‘press-on-demand’ basis from Kunaki, New York. Their vinyl product is […]

The Rubber Room video intro

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The Rubber Room is one of my personal favourite songs I co-wrote with Stephen Beckett in the very early 1980s. Performed live during the period, it was a staple of our playlist, back when all was very analogue and electronic music live was still a nerve wracking experience as equipment and venue power supplies were […]


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The Hand Maid’s Tale (Under His Eye) is, yes, a take off the TV series of a dystopian scifi future where women are primarily used as concubines. I skimmed through the original Margaret Atwood novel, which is actually almost nothing like the TV show or its character portrayals. The greatest achievement of the TV series […]

Love Me Hate Me – new song

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I asked my Alien Skin newsletter membership to listen to the unfinished demo of ‘Love Me Hate Me’ and to decide whether I should complete the track. It was a COVID19 exercise really for me, something to do in between working on a larger music project. I received enough positive replies to do just that. […]

She Lives In Tunnels….. with video prelude

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She Lives In Tunnels is track 6 from my current and most successful CD album to date… “New Romance: 1984” Jamsphere Magazine says: “As an artist, Alien Skin is a serious performer, and this is a serious album. There is something incredibly raw and authentic about “NEW ROMANCE: 1984″. Outside of the legendary Depeche Mode […]

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