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Who Is Alien Skin?

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Music Fans I Love & Love Back

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As an independent artist, one in a million and growing as I write, it’s not easy being found by an audience. No matter what my professional past has been. The effort to attract listeners is ongoing, one day after another and sometimes…I find reward. Reward from like minded people who enjoy the music I create […]

Rachel’s Coming Home

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After working with all engines running on my recent Alien Skin album P.O.P. POP, Rachel’s Coming Home is a gentle side-step that gives me time to catch my breath before the next major album release I enjoy the same side-step a Depeche Mode show takes when Martin Gore moves to front of stage, his voice […]

‘Razor Arms’ The BIG One c/- MySpace, 2008

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I began releasing albums as Alien Skin in 2008, this was a couple of years after Real Life, as a band, called it a day. Returning home after our US tour, I began writing songs for an album which was to become my first, outside the band. Released in early 2008, DON’T OPEN TILL DOOMSDAY […]

Send Me An Angel – the beginning…

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Send Me An Angel became a major hit for Real Life in the 80s topping the charts in number of countries. As an icebreaker it was a great international beginning for the band. Covered by a variety of performers and DJ’s from rock, metal, pop, dance to Gregorian it’s a synth standard. Anyhow, none of […]

“She never loved but she liked to be loved”

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In 1982/3 I wrote the song SHE’S EPHEMERAL, reflecting the sparse, floating and emotive synth architecture I was hearing at the time from contemporaries. I no longer have my 4 track analogue tapes from that period but I did recreate the song in 2015 for the Alien Skin album, A Blue Sky at the Edge […]

A Frankenstein connection – electronic by design…

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Lifted from the 2019 album P.O.P. POP, Byron Said to Mary is a song that was well supported by online radio and user playlists when first released.  Play it louder and it makes even better sense they tell me:) I commissioned a music video to be made of the song and you may watch it […]

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