I’m Not Ian Curtis

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He fancies he has a sharpened mind He observes a lot but his sun won’t shine He stays in bed it’s the first of May In his northern town and his mind’s away She says hey, nothings going to hurt us Hey you’re not Ian Curtis The industrial sky is metal grey The post war […]

Rachel’s Coming Home

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Rachel’s coming home and I’ll make the room for her Rachel’s coming home, I’ll fix the room for her The way she likes it, black as the sky The way she likes it, black as the sky Rachel’s coming home, I’ll strip down all the walls Rachel’s coming home, I’ll prepare all the walls And […]

ReMasters Volume 1

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Tomorrow’s Dead Room, I’m in your room The melting man that’s made of wax And it’s you with the match in your room Tomb, the wretched air the dying light And it’s you with the key to this tomb Tomorrow never cares, tomorrow’s dead Another day another breath inside your mind You’re in my head […]

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