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As electro-keyboardist in the band Real Life, who hit the top of the charts with the 1983 synth anthem Send Me An Angel, Alien Skin has been at the frontier of electronic pop since its beginnings. Fans and reviewers agree, Alien Skin today is an authentic channel between an ever-passionate hunger for more early 80s, UK flavoured electro-pop, and the real deal music from that era. In short, if you are a fan of 80s version Depeche Mode, New Order, Visage, Gary Numan and others like them, Alien Skin is a must for your collection.

As one reviewer from Jamsphere magazine wrote, “there a sensitivity behind the android cool” with lyrics, sometimes delicate, sometimes obscure, that speak of alienation and aloneness inside a pocket of turbulent melancholia. Alien Skin’s haunting, unhurried melodies and retro-electronic atmosphere make 1980 REDUX the perfect experience for those early 80s synth-boomers, proud of their identity, who want more of that post-punk era but with today’s relevance.

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Europe’s biggest electronic music magazine since 1989, Side-Line, writes of P.O.P. POP
“Alien Skin accomplished a true masterpiece. The minimal sound treatments reflect an intelligent creation composed by an artist in search of new ideas. The songs are elaborate, revealing cool astral sound treatments, icy sequences, but still great synth lines. Somewhere in between retro influences and pure modernism, this album has something visionary and absolutely refreshing.”

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