European Electronic Cinema

Album ArtworkReleased September 2, 2016

01 June Is the Coldest Time
02 Terror Ist
03 I Love Art Deco
04 All Tomorrow’s Cares
05 Platinum Good Looks
06 Prettiest Flower
07 Sterile In Blue
08 I Still Think of You
09 The Emperor’s Tram Girl
10 My Polaroid Friend (Thin White Duke)

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All titles written and produced by G Pappas for Alien Skin.
Spoken vocal Track 9 by Deity
Alien Skin 2016. All Rights Reserved


RATED SOUND “…By hitting “play” on European Electronic Cinema you are accepting an invitation. You are about to enter the imagination of Alien Skin and access a fascinating world. The feeling is very similar to that of reading a good book. We are taken temporarily out of our own lives and transplanted as observers into the author’s creation.

This is the kind of album that could only have been produced by a mature artist at the top of their game. Make no mistake, this is music for grown-ups. Grown-ups who appreciate innovation and a musical adventure born out of a fertile imagination generating endless fascinating ideas.”

JAMSPHERE “…This album is one of the most beautiful soundscapes I’ve heard in recent times, sounding somewhat like post-rock evolving to its most beautiful level possible. Even though this is only one guy, with an occasional extra instrument, it sounds bigger than your local philharmonic if it needs to. Not that Pappas needs to or wants to, as he keeps the music fairly spacious, dreamy and mellow. Add those, oh-so-hypnotizing vocals to complete the sound, and it’s hard to listen to this album and not feel like you are not only listening to something entirely new and unworldly, but also in some entirely unfamiliar awe inspiring landscape.

STEREO STICKMAN “…To begin as I mean to go on, it’s important to point out that what you get from this album, when you listen in full, is nothing short of a beautiful and thought provoking trip. From the initial few seconds of listening to June Is The Coldest Time, the sense of what this will all be about is as clear as it is unpredictable. These dream-like, abstract songs, which have been woven together with intense yet gentle synths, and a voice so soft that it haunts you, present an eclectic and evocative array of music that will leave you willingly addicted to what it is that the artist creates.

SIDE-LINE “….“European Electronic Cinema” is a styled production mixing electro-pop and jazzy influences into a delicious reverie trip”

SLEEPINGBAG STUDIOS “…It’s certainly not a typical record in any kind of conventional sense…it’s got real adventure, tone and ideas in the writing and really made for an otherworldly and adventurous listening experience. Who doesn’t want to have one of those right?”

MUSIC EXISTENCE “…European Electronic Cinema is a lovelorn journey comprising euphoria, destruction, and reinvigoration in one. What begins as a hazy, seemingly grandiose recollection of memories becomes clearer and more complete with each song. The instrumentation is extremely well-crafted, allowing listeners to not only lose themselves in different worlds but relate to scenarios that prove truthfully—and painfully—down to Earth. Any day now, listeners will be exposed to an album that resonates, both solidly and creatively. ”