“…this reminds me of a great time being a teenager in the early 80s, enjoying life and dark music” Says Europe’s Side-Line magazine.

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“Like Gary Numan Alien Skin is timeless as opposed to reliving something from the past and throwing some glitter on it.” -Jan LaRue

“This electro veteran has been around since Alan Wilder first joined Depeche Mode, and it shows!” -Brixton Rifles

“Alien Skin you bridge the gap between all post punk, synthpop, new wave, ambient & new romantic and I love it, you’re my music hero!” -Lexton Hatchett

Alien Skin is retro analogue synthpop and darkwave from underground Australia.

Alien Skin has been producing electronic music for over 40 years. His former band Real Life topped European and national charts and springboarded onto American radio with their 1983 synth smash ‘Send Me An Angel’.

Unfamiliar with the name? Independent artists rarely have resources to remain visible to a broad audience. Some, like Alien Skin, have continued for years beneath the mainstream radar producing music for their small, devoted army of supporters. So, if you too are a dyed-in-the-wool fan of 80s version Depeche Mode, OMD, New Order, John Foxx, Gary Numan and others like them then Alien Skin music is a must for your collection.

Jamsphere magazine wrote, “there’s a sensitivity behind the android cool”. His lyrical imagery, delicate or obscure, speaks of alienation and aloneness. Compressed, atmospheric and claustrophobic it fits inside a pocket of turbulent melancholia.

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