Goodbye Johnny Queen & Sequel

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[I play parts of both songs after my introduction..]

Personal tragedy has a way of pushing you hard to keep occupied, keep busy, keep working to avoid the weight of its painful burden to overwhelm and emotionally annihilate you.

This has been the case with me of late and I keep working on music as my sole saving grace I have amassed quite a bit of material which would flood the tiny ‘market’ I operate it, but I am releasing it bit by bit as self therapy. The therapy works even better when the volume is on full:)

‘Goodbye Johnny Queen’ & ‘Goodbye Johnny Queen the Sequel’ is something I have just completed and am actually excited about. Synth Punk, Alien Skin way.

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For the price of one song you GET 2. A double-sided single like in the 50s’

Looking back on my ‘to camera introduction talk’ I look rather morose & out of it. I promise I am not drugged or drunk, no matter how I look and sound, just my mood at the time.
But what is most important is the music. A suite of 2 songs that deal with the trauma, fear, ignorance and hate of being gay in the 1950s.

I ask in my introduction for someone to make me an original video we can both be proud of. Is it possible? Contact me via this website!

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