I electroMix German psyche-goth from the 80s

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In 1998 I toured historic Germany while in the band Real Life. 12 shows in 13 nights. Exhausting but exhilarating!

Our hosts, drivers and support band though out the tour was German psychedelic-goth-rock band, Sweet William. Still continuing today with Oliver Heuer it’s driving force since 1986.

We had many support acts during our 30 US/Germany shows on that tour, but Sweet William personally blew me away. I made a special point of getting to the venue early each night, standing in the audience to catch their set. Then scurrying off behind stage to get ready for our own.

Kerpen based Sweet William was a combination of 60’s psychadelia, late 70s post punk, early 80s alternative electronics. They were Ian Curtis and New Order at the same time:)

My admiration led to a friendship with Oliver. Before leaving Germany I agreed to remix one of their songs, choosing the track ‘Wish’.

In those days, the world was less connected by the internet. I had to wait till I arrived back in Australia to receive a mailed digital tape of Oliver’s vocals.

In 1998, music recording/production computer software was primitive and expensive. I didn’t begin using computers as such till 2000.

I confess, the reMix I produced, including vocals was all programmed and came out of one single sampling keyboard, the Ensoniq ASR10. Hence the less than stellar sound of the final track.

But that matters little now. I love the song still, and I love the reMix detached from it by 2 decades as I am now. It captures a moment in time.

Have a listen to my reMix of Wish above. It’s not my copyright so I can only stream it, not make it available for download.

I have also found a recent Sweet William interview with Oliver on Peek A Boo Magazine. The mag is associated with Side-Line Magazine who reviewed my own recent Alien Skin album, P.O.P. POP

I hope you enjoy ‘Wish’ Alien Skin reMix, and perhaps you’ll wish to discover more music from Sweet William.

1998 That’s Oliver on the left whispering to Real Life drummer Danny Simcic, David Sterry, Real Life singer in the centre, I’m on the other side of the camera so I missed out.

The van hired by the band (Sweet William) for our 12 shows in 13 nights across the length and breadth of Germany. 9 people on board, including crew and gear. Autobahns with no speed limits and small historic village towns. We saw them all. That particular pic is from Rostock, north east Germany on a cold, cold October morning.

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