I’m Not Ian Curtis (EP)

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The bleak industrial skies over frost bitten northern England. I’m Not Ian Curtis bares a resemblance to a tragic hero of mine. Who knows what goes on in other people’s heads. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we’re way off the mark, sometimes we’re too late to make a difference.

I’m Not Ian Curtis is my new Alien Skin EP.

It includes pristine reMasters of The Unquiet Grave, Vanishing Girl and Simon & Garfunkel. The first 2 songs especially, from 2010 & 2012, have become fan standards since their release. They’ve all had their mixes tweaked and reMastered. They sound better than ever, you will feel and hear it.

01 I’m Not Ian Curtis
02 The Unquiet Grave (ReMastered)
03 Simon & Garfunkel (ReMastered)
04 Vanishing Girl (ReMastered)

I’m Not Ian Curtis EP is previewed below. Buy it now for only $2.99
Only available from here.

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