Mastering Ghost In The Rain

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Like many of you here I’m a Depeche Mode fan, in particular of the albums released in the 1980s with Alan Wilder. Cutting edge swaths of electronic atmosphere and captivating, memorable writing by Martin Gore.

On Christmas Eve, 2011, I found myself in a Melbourne studio with engineer Jack the Bear mastering my album ‘Ghost In The Rain’. Perhaps not the best time to work but schedules were tight for both of us, so a blistering hot (Australian) Christmas Eve Saturday, it had to be.

‘Ghost In The Rain’ was my 3rd Alien Skin CD release and whether I chose to or not, the Depeche influence permeates the album. I filmed a few minutes of the engineer doing the live mastering and I think the audio’s decent even for a phone recording.

The album did quite well with my audience, especially the title track, and continues to be a favourite of many.

Anyhow, I thought I’d post these short clips of the mastering session, and I hope you’ll find these of interest as you get to know more of my work as Alien Skin,

I also have the title track…

Ghost In The Rain CD & Download available from my website here

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