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April 12, 2021
Music Box Doll is the closing track on my 2012 album, Ghost In The Rain. I remember writing this sitting on the bed with my acoustic guitar. I had a cheap little voice recorder that was on its last legs the sound quality was so poor. But it helped me compose most of the album the preceding year.

I had a fixation with ghost motifs at the time, Ghost In The Rain being the album title song. Music Box Doll is a combination of fantasy and my ailing mother. She died 2 years later but was in very poor health during that period. I know this influenced the melancholic delicacy of the lyric and music. It’s a personal favourites of mine and consider it an appropriate end to the album with the whistling ghost right beside you. Also available at Bandcamp

April 5, 2021
Be My Angel is this week’s song. I was editing some of my Bandcamp pages today and as I came across the song after quite sometime, I played it. I have vivid recollections of writing it. It’s origin is perhaps grim but I’m proud of the song and way it turned out. The music instrumental bed was created circa 2003 for a possible Real Life track. I never did present it for consideration so it lay hapless on my hard drive for years, unfinished.

Around 2013 I saw a TV documentary about legal, voluntary assisted dying in Basel, Switzerland. The lyric and melody was written the next day and recorded. As a supporter of the right of the individual to decide for oneself on this paramount and ultimate issue of personal freedom and self determination, it continues to resonate with me. And at the end of the day, I like the song. Also available at Bandcamp