‘New Romance: 1984’

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‘NEW ROMANCE: 1984’ is the new Alien Skin album
THAT 80s album made in 2020

“But it doesn’t sound contemporary!” says Johan

No it doesn’t. It’s not meant to!
It’s new wave post punk synth pop

It’s unashamedly 80s Depeche Modish evoking British synthpop of the day
It’s of a vintage analogue era of dark, minor key, catchy hooks & melodies

Many of songs were written and performed to Australian club audiences in that era

“I don’t get it, it sounds like a lost album from the 80s” repeats Johan

Kinda… it’ll therefore appeal to a smaller tribe of lovers
Enthusiastic lovers of what brought new life to us in the 80s
These are the people I produce music for
I think THEY will get it!

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Jamsphere Magazine says: “As an artist, Alien Skin is a serious performer, and this is a serious album. There is something incredibly raw and authentic about “NEW ROMANCE: 1984″. Outside of the legendary Depeche Mode and Gary Numan, who are still around doing their thing, it’s a distinctive sound that not many can pull off today.”

DOWNLOAD: please bypass large corporate shops like iTunes, Amazon etc that take a large slice of your money before any of it trickles down to the artist.

Buy from this website and ensure ALL of your generous spend goes directly to the artist who actually made the music, lock stock and barrel.

And you also receive full size photo images of the CD panels, including lyrics, credits and comments. These are not available from any other download source,

CD available from POPoNAUT Germany’s leading online electronic music store.

POPoNAUT delivers worldwide so you may place your order no matter where you live.

‘NEW ROMANCE: 1984’is released on the ScentAir Records, Moscow, label. Lovingly mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, the CD is jewel cased with printed lyrics and ready to evoke our collective early 80s youth culture.

The CD hit Number 6 on the POPoNAUT sales chart-

Also includes Ireland’s premiere electro ‘Empire State Human’ vocalist, Aidan Casserly, on backing vocals.


Jamsphere magazine “New Romance: 1984” – a distinctive sound that not many can pull off today”
SleepingBag Studios magazine “…there is so much added into even the most subtle of Alien Skin’s songs that the all-around efforts being made on New Romance: 1984 are pretty much nothing less than award-worthy.”
BodyStyler magazinecontemporary retro aesthetics,  reminiscent of the early days of Depeche Mode with an exciting twist in a mischievous Sparks manner.”
Atomium magazine “After an incredible album “P.O.P. POP”, Alien Skin returns with a more intimate album with old school sounds of synthpop”

Side-Line magazine “It doesn’t take that long to notice the true 80s spirit supporting this album. This is pure old-school Electro-Pop featuring magic melody lines emerging from the analogue machines”



  • Jonas Cukierman says:

    Will this album be available on vinyl?

    • Alien Skin says:

      Hi Jonas, thanks so much for your interest! Sincerely…

      Most of my life, growing up, and as a young adult I was surrounded with vinyl. Shelves and boxes. Stylus’ needing to be changed all the time due to so much activity. I loved vinyl, I loved the 12 x 12 inch huge artwork and packaging. I can’t deny it. Just the smell of a new LP out of its sleeve for the first time was a sensual delight.

      Yes, I’d love for ‘New Romance: 1984’ to be released on vinyl. Its music is certainly rooted in the era of vinyl. But, it isn’t going to happen. It costs too much unless I can sell enough to make it economically viable. And I can’t guarantee my Label that this will happen. Unless you have a lot of like minded friends;)

      ScentAir Records, Moscow, as a Label, are incredibly supportive, and the subject was brought up by them in the first place, but with the qualifying … “Oh((((( How great it would be to release such an album on vinyl. But unfortunately it is not cheap (((”

      So, if you really want ‘NEW ROMANCE: 1984’ in real physical form, and I hope you do, then please consider pre-ordering the CD from POPoNAUT.

      Best wishes,

    • George says:

      UPDATE: I am preparing for a vinyl release of the album on a ‘press-on-demand’ basis. I’ll let people know when time draws closer.

  • Ian says:

    Hi George,
    The new Real Life album “Sirens” is out. Were you involved with the album ? Will you be doing any remixes of any songs from the Sirens album ?

    • Alien Skin says:

      Sirens is a Real Life album created by David Sterry alone. I have no involvement in it. Our last Real Life album together was ‘Imperfection’ from 2003. As you are now aware we both have albums to make people aware of, Sirens, from David and ‘New Romance: 1984″ from myself as Alien Skin. Thanks for writing:)

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