Side-Line magazine reviews ‘New Romance: 1984’

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Leading European industrial electro magazine, Side-Line, running since 1989, has posted a review of my current album release ‘New Romance: 1984’. I’m pleased with what’s written, they ‘got it’… +++ Read more ‘New Romance: 1984’ reviews here FOR TRANSLATORS- Alien Skin – New Romance: 1984 (Album – ScentAir Records) Genre/Influences: Electro-Pop. Format: Digital, CD. Background/Info: […]

‘New Romance: 1984’

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 ‘NEW ROMANCE: 1984’ is the new Alien Skin album   THAT 80s album made in 2020 “But it doesn’t sound contemporary!” says Johan No it doesn’t. It’s not meant to! It’s new wave post punk synth pop It’s unashamedly 80s Depeche Modish evoking British synthpop of the day It’s of a vintage analogue era […]

Who Is Alien Skin?

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I Let My Imagination Take Over

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Cancer is an insidious and cruel taker of life. So many public figures have succumbed to it. Only today, it was virtuoso guitarist Eddie Van Halen. And also so many humble unknowns. One of the later was my wife Iryna for whom I continue to write songs for. Our modern, often toxic environment is full […]

‘At Peace At Last’

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My wife and partner of 28 years, Iryna, died Wednesday August 26 from cancer. The insurmountable grief I feel is finding a voice in one song after the other. Yesterday, I wrote and hastily recorded ‘At Peace At Last’ in memorium of my beloved. In the evening I did a live vocal rendition performing to […]

Hey Mr Spaceman (Iryna’s Song)

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In tribute to Iryna, my late wife who died of cancer August 26, 2020. I wrote this immediately afterwards and with the help of Aidan Casserly from Ireland on backing vocals, it is now my new Alien Skin single. [Free offer has expired, sorry]

The Happiest Face – NEW SINGLE!

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 ‘The Happiest Face’ was written in the 1980s and admittedly inspired by Depeche Mode’s ‘Happiest Girl’ which mesmerized me at the time, and still does. Love those unique days! ‘The Happiest Face’ has been a favourite Alien Skin of mine for quite some time. Beauty, I know, is in the eye, ear or mind […]

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