She Lives In Tunnels….. with video prelude

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She Lives In Tunnels is track 6 from my current and most successful CD album to date… “New Romance: 1984” Jamsphere Magazine says: “As an artist, Alien Skin is a serious performer, and this is a serious album. There is something incredibly raw and authentic about “NEW ROMANCE: 1984″. Outside of the legendary Depeche Mode […]

‘Picasso Blue’ new song

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“…The Blue Period is a term used to define the works produced by Spanish painter Pablo Picasso between 1901 and 1904 when he painted essentially monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and blue-green, only occasionally warmed by other colors. In the latter part of 1901, Picasso sank into a severe depression and blue tones began […]

Me talking about ‘When the Wind Blows Mary’

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‘NEW ROMANCE: 1984’ is the new Alien Skin albumTHAT 80s album made in 2020I’ve made a series of to-camera very casual, impromptu videos to introduce some of the songs of my new Alien Skin album, ‘New Romance: 1984’ SOME FACEBOOK COMMENTS READ THE FULL REVIEWS AS THEY COME IN: Jamsphere magazine “New Romance: 1984” – […]

Looking back a few years, Deep Sleep…

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Here’s a Real Life throwback to 1997, now decades ago as we stand on the cliff top of 2020. Deep Sleep is from our album, “Happy”. David, Danny, Allan and myself on keyboards. We toured the US, Germany and Australia the next year promoting the CD. We just missed out on the massive promotional impact […]

A December Christmas (REMASTERED)

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Come this time of year ‘a season to be jolly’ not everything on the surface is always what it appears to be… A December Christmas, originally recorded 2015, is now released as a superior sounding reMaster! A big thank you to Deity for her majestic backing vocals A December Christmas (REMASTERED) is previewed below. Buy […]

ReMasters Volume 1, Definitive versions

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ReMasters Volume 1 Released June 6, 2019 01 Tomorrow’s Dead 02 The Spirit Is Willing 03 The Secret Garden 04 Razors In My Eyes 05 After the Funeral 06 Saviour 07 With Your Sad Eyes 08 Razor Arms 09 1980 You Were A Boy 10 I’m Your Machine 11 The Emperor’s Tram Girl 12 My […]

I’m Not Ian Curtis (EP)

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The bleak industrial skies over frost bitten northern England. I’m Not Ian Curtis bares a resemblance to a tragic hero of mine. Who knows what goes on in other people’s heads. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we’re way off the mark, sometimes we’re too late to make a difference. I’m Not Ian Curtis is […]

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