I electroMix German psyche-goth from the 80s

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In 1998 I toured historic Germany while in the band Real Life. 12 shows in 13 nights. Exhausting but exhilarating! Our hosts, drivers and support band though out the tour was German psychedelic-goth-rock band, Sweet William. Still continuing today with Oliver Heuer it’s driving force since 1986. We had many support acts during our 30 […]

“My First Girl Crush Became My First Song at Age 10”

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Welcome, thank you for joining me! For those of you not be familiar with Alien Skin (hello, that’s me, George, pleased to meet you) you’d be forgiven if you expect a hyped up CV. Not to worry. I can talk about my professional history in the Australian synth band Real Life, pre Real Life in […]

Nu Man, Nu Woman Post Human Synthpop


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[Reading time 160 seconds] Nu men Nu women. Futuristic, post-human ’70s electronics turned into the synthpop of the early 80s. (…in this post I conclude what I began in the first. Find part one here). Radio hits like “Mad World” (Tears for Fears), “Love is a Stranger” (Eurythmics), “Don’t Go” (Yazoo), “Enola Gay” (OMD) had […]

Cold War Synthpop & Me

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[Reading time 120 seconds] Here’s a heart warming cold war synthpop tale for you. We’ll pick it up one night in 1979. I was a guitarist in a new wave band at the time. Iggy Sane, mate and roadie, played a cassette over the PA while packing our gear after rehearsal. From the speakers descended […]

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