ReMasters Volume 1, Definitive versions

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Album ArtworkReMasters Volume 1
Released June 6, 2019

01 Tomorrow’s Dead
02 The Spirit Is Willing
03 The Secret Garden
04 Razors In My Eyes
05 After the Funeral
06 Saviour
07 With Your Sad Eyes
08 Razor Arms
09 1980 You Were A Boy
10 I’m Your Machine
11 The Emperor’s Tram Girl
12 My Polaroid Friend (Thin White Duke)

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All songs reMixed & reMastered from original recordings.
All titles written and produced by G Pappas for Alien Skin.
Except Track 7 written by G Pappas and P Kearney
Instrumental recording Track 7 by P Kearney Edited by G Pappas
Additional vocal Track 1 by Jo Huber, Track 11 by Deity
Cover photo by Artus-Kipsts
Alien Skin 2019. All Rights Reserved


“Some called the songs ‘DEPECHE MODE-ish’ Black Celebration era, when first released.”

“I pulled apart 12 songs enhancing every recorded track and audio nuance. Working with superior mixes allowed me to add new sonic excitement to the song masters.”

“This project has been a massive labour of love for me. I can tell you that revisiting old songs recorded years ago is not the greatest thrill. I listened to them 1000 times already while producing them back in the day. So it took a lot of conscious daily motivation to complete the reMixing and reMastering. But now that it’s finished I’m very proud of the results. Modesty aside, this album is full of great songs & they sound better than ever!”

Career spanning songs range from 2008’s “Razor Arms” to 2017’s “1980 You were A Boy”

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