She Lives In Tunnels….. with video prelude

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She Lives In Tunnels is track 6 from my current and most successful CD album to date…
“New Romance: 1984”

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Jamsphere Magazine says: “As an artist, Alien Skin is a serious performer, and this is a serious album. There is something incredibly raw and authentic about “NEW ROMANCE: 1984″. Outside of the legendary Depeche Mode and Gary Numan, who are still around doing their thing, it’s a distinctive sound that not many can pull off today.”

DOWNLOAD: please bypass large corporate shops like iTunes, Amazon etc that take a large slice of your money before any of it trickles down to the artist.

Buy from this website and ensure ALL of your generous spend goes directly to the artist who actually made the music, lock stock and barrel.

And you also receive full size photo images of the CD panels, including lyrics, credits and comments. These are not available from any other download source,

CD available from POPoNAUT Germany’s leading online electronic music store.

POPoNAUT delivers worldwide so you may place your order no matter where you live.

‘NEW ROMANCE: 1984’is released on the ScentAir Records, Moscow, label. Lovingly mastered at Abbey Road Studios, London, the CD is jewel cased with printed lyrics and ready to evoke our collective early 80s youth culture.

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