1980 REDUX

Album Artwork1980 REDUX
Released August 21, 2017

01 1980 You Were A Boy
02 I Am Adam
03 Sad Ghost
04 This Fantastic Voyage
05 I Need Voltage
06 The Berlin Trilogy
07 Atoms Dangling Aimlessly
08 Walk On Water
09 In A Film
10 The Playground of Syd Barrett
11 Dark Star

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Why fans bought it-

Genevieve: Long time fan & admirer, but this is my favorite Alien Skin album, it has everything I want to hear, I love the songs I love the vibe, every track is simply stellar Favorite track: The Berlin Trilogy.

Darin Pepper: 10 out of 10! My current favorite track is Dark Star. Excellent new set of songs that do not disappoint. Favorite track: Dark Star.

Frank Paglianite: WOW This is fantastic– Possibly my favorite Alien Skin release. Love the early feel and vibe- Every track is Stellar NO FILLERS — just a consistent great experience. Thanks! Favorite track: Sad Ghost.

Alicia: I’m just loving the 1980 REDUX. I already have my favs: Sad Ghost, This Fantastic Voyage, Atom Dangling Aimlessly, Walk in Water and Dark Star.
The CD is so unique, sad, historical, deep but yet some techno. At least that’s my feelings on it so far. All good. Favorite track: This Fantastic Voyage.

Kolmakovruslan: I like this album for the atmosphere

Todd LeMieux: I had to listen to this album a few times before I wrote a review…it was difficult to choose 1 favorite track! All the songs are all really good, and I think this album is a little more mellow than some of the previous releases but that works for me, I love the mood it sets, the overall vibe and melancholy that comes through. The music is stellar…so rich and layered, with sounds and samples and lots to discover the more you listen. Favorite track: Walk on Water.

Patricia Robert: C’est un album très électro comme je les aime. Alien Skin aime le travail bien fait et on l’entend dans sa musique. J’adore ce qu’il fait depuis longtemps et cet album est peut-être moins sombre que d’habitude … Je pense que c’est un atout, une belle nouveauté, j’aime beaucoup! Merci Alien Skin. Favorite track: 1980 You were a boy.

Greg Simons: Love all of Alien Skin’s releases, but love the sound of this one in particular. Thanks George for continuing to put out fabulous music.

Milhe_fan: “A captivating array of sounds, beats and melodies with captivating story telling that we’re accustomed to from Alien Skin music…..One for the traveler to enjoy on continuous play, over and over during long trips. Love the album. Favourite track only if I must choose is “The Berlin Trilogy”

Sabrinam1979: I am in absolute love with this album. The eerieness is beautiful! Thank you Alien Skin for continuing to put out such amazing music!! Favorite track: 1980 You were a boy.

xtm301: This is a musical journey and the listener is the honor guest. The destination is a very important period of time in the life of the author. The soundscape is beautifully crafted with analogue synthesizers and drum machines. Each song tells a story. If you take the time to read the booklet, you will find deeper meaning for each song. Thank you very much Mr. George for this excellent Alien Skin album. Favorite track: Walk on Water.

David_lassalle: Cet album est à mes yeux le meilleur d’Alien Skin ! Même si je possède et apprécie beaucoup tous ses précédentes productions cela dit. Un savant mélange électro comme il sait si bien le faire. L’album est plus rapide, plus joyeux, moins sombre, que ses productions précédentes. J’aime toutes les pistes, chaque morceau plonge au cœur des années 80, musicalement.
Toute la musique électronique que j’aime est condensée ici. Bravo et merci Alien Skin ! Ta musique met du baume au cœur. Favorite track: This Fantastic Voyage.

Electroniclady: 1980 REDUX is my favorite Alien Skin album EVER! I luv the retro-come-now vibe of the songs. It does transport me back to the era but I still feel I am here now & glad to be to keep hitting the repeat button. Every song’s a winner, a total exciting package that I play right through, no skips. Favorite track: 1980 You were a boy.

All titles written and produced by G Pappas for Alien Skin.
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