Creature with the Human Face

Album Artwork
Released April 1, 2014

01 Creature with the Human Face
02 Life on Earth
03 And Through the Clouds
04 At Night She’s Dark
05 Temple Bar in Dublin
06 Darkness Knows No Shame
07 Amelia
08 In Liquid Glass I Float
09 Last Man in the World
10 Melancholy Song
11 Doctor in Space

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Stereo Stickman Magazine UK “What really struck me about this album is the songwriting. Alien Skin writes songs that appeal to the human heart and mind, songs that are melodically attractive, seemingly easy to listen to, but always unpredictable, and always so very complex / Despite the somewhat out-there nature of this album, conceptually, there is so much humanness in there that it’s overwhelming at times.”

All songs written and produced by G Pappas for Alien Skin.
Alien Skin 2014. All rights reserved.