New Romance: 1984


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‘NEW ROMANCE: 1984’ is the new Alien Skin album

THAT 80s album made in 2020

“But it doesn’t sound contemporary!” says Johan

No it doesn’t. That’s the whole point!
It’s new wave post punk synth pop
It’s unashamedly 80s Depeche Modish evoking British synthpop of the day

It’s of a vintage analogue era of dark, minor key, catchy hooks & melodies
Many of songs were written and performed to Australian club audiences in that era

“I don’t get it, it sounds like a lost album from the 80s” repeats Johan

Kinda… it’ll therefore appeal to a smaller tribe of lovers
Enthusiastic lovers of what brought new life to us in the 80s
These are the people I produce music for
I think THEY will get it!

Available on CD from POPoNAUT, Germany’s leading online electronic music store
Jewel cased and ready to evoke our early 80s youth culture.

CD also available directly from my Label, ScentAir Records, Moscow. Order via DISCOGS [vrseller].

They ship worldwide. Only a limited quantity of CDs have been manufactured till sold out.